Alex (YouTube version)

from by Emily Fox

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I messed up bad, got it all so wrong.
Tangled you up in the words of a song.
I guess my apologies got lost in the post
Or maybe I just never had the strength and had to let it go.

Alex, oh Alex, didn't know what you were thinking of.
Alex, oh Alex, I never said enough is enough.
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I should have had the guts to say.
But I was young and held my tongue, I knew no other way
I'm sorry to say.

Sometimes your brain likes to play games.
Tell you you want what you don't really want then run and hide away.
I felt so bad for leading you on.
Maybe it's nothing but sometimes I worry so here's my sorry in a song.


In all honesty I never believed
Someone would want someone like me.
Caught up in denial that old vicious spiral
Took the best out of me.
I was the frog and you were the prince
You handled it well so I flinch.
'Cos I treated you bad and I'm sorry for that
But you're a love I would never have had.


One day you'll see this sorry I sing
Or maybe it'll pass by you completely.
You might forget but I will regret;
How could I be so mean to say no through a screen?
Alex, you come back to haunt me.


from The YouTube Ones, track released October 21, 2016




Emily Fox UK

Hi, I am Emily. I make music, and stuff. The majority of what you see here is made using open source software, and I try to release under creative commons where I can.

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